Wedding Inspiration Start Here

Have you just gotten engaged? Congratulations! It is never too early to start planning but before start trying on dresses, booking your band or sampling cake, try to think of the big picture, what do you want your wedding day to be like? This is a great place to begin.

What Do You Want?

Has your dream wedding changed much over the years? It’s best to start big and to work your way down. Your wedding day should be about what you and your partner want. Try to eliminate costs and what others may think and imagine your perfect day.

Big wedding or intimate gathering?

Outdoors or indoors?

Home or holiday?

Modern or old fashioned?

Fancy or minimalist?

What season?

Most importantly, what is your own personal style. When you are planning a wedding it is common for some to choose a style that they actually do not like. Create an atmosphere that best speaks to you two as a couple. Enjoy your big day and do not try to please or impress anyone!



The best place to gather inspiration is Pinterest. Here you can save all of your ideas and add to you board as you go along. You can also spend time looking at vintage wedding photos from your family photo books, bridal magazines, books or even blogs.

By collecting all of your ideas and storing them in the one place you will be able to identify common threads and visualise how your big day is going to look.


Themed wedding is not for everyone but if you do have a theme in mind, roll with it! Themes can be tricky, if you want a “glam” wedding you do not need to strop at glitter and ribbons, you can choose something different art-deco glam or Old-Hollywood glam.

If you are your partner have bonded over a hobby or a sport, then you can incorporate that you’re your big day. Maybe If you both love hill walking or going on holiday you can have an outside wedding or in the countryside.



What colours would you like to use? Do you want to use traditional colours that will feature among all your wedding elements? You can use certain colours oneverything from your wedding invitations to your bridesmaid dresses.

The best way to choose colours is to take a look at a colour wheel. Have a think about the shades you’re drawn to. The easiest way to make all of your wedding elements come together is to stick with one main colour and an accent colour, or two equally prominent complementary colours.

You do not need to choose just two colours; you can mix it up by adding neutral or metallic accents.

These are just the starting steps, but once you have an outline of what you want your wedding day to look like, it will be easier to make all of the smaller decisions which require more attention to detail. Until then, make sure you have the basics covered.