Four Ways To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Congratulations on your engagement! The wedding day may seem like a long way away, however, it is never too early to start thinking about what you and your husband want. Plan a date night and discuss all the fine details that you want to include. Write them all down and then follow these four easy steps, which will make the process go a lot smoother than you think it will.  


It is a common opinion that couples should have a theme running throughout the wedding day. Whether it is coloured, a story or decor make sure that you are giving you guest a clear indication of the theme you are portraying. Having a theme is a great idea as some themes create a great ambience. All brides are different some prefers traditional colours like gold, powder pink and ivory other brides choose colours that they just love and feel that they need to have at their wedding.

If you do have a colour combination in mind make sure that it runs throughout the whole wedding, from the flowers,  cake to the beautiful wedding favours which you are leaving for your guests. Every part of your wedding should compliment each other.


Wedding Party

Pull together your best friends, your family and get to work. It is important that you have a team behind you when you are planning your wedding. By spreading some of the responsibilities between your bridesmaids you are reducing the work that you need to do. It is important that everyone in your wedding team helps you and doesn’t add any extra stress, good vibes only!

Most importantly you should feel excited, at ease, supported, and inspired! Make sure that the team you use for your wedding, help you secure the cake, stationery, caterers and videographer of your dreams. All of those finishing touches matter.


You have probably known who your bridesmaids were going to be years before you even met your husband! If some of your best friends are taking part in your big day then you will want to give them dresses which suit them individually.

Choose a dress for each individual bridesmaid with a theme running throughout. The dresses you choose should suit their individual personalities and body shapes. Again you can add individuality with jewellery, some may have pearl earrings, others can have pearl necklaces or bracelets. This is a great idea if you want to give your bridesmaids the spot light they deserve.

Impress Your Guests 

The most important thing to remember is that your wedding day is yours and you should never add anything that doesn’t make you happy, however, sometimes it is nice to add a little surprise to your wedding day.  Whether you personalise the favours with a special thank you or have a surprise musical performance, your guest will be amazed that you have gone the extra mile just for them. The little things matter to wedding guests who have taken the time to celebrate your day.