5 Things Any Fiance Can Do To Prepare

Schedule Frequent Manicures

Everyone is looking at the ring, make sure your hands are in the best shape. As soon as you let everyone know that you get engaged, they will ask to see the ring. Make sure that you keep your nails and hands primed.

Hand moisturiser is your new best friend, alongside your regular manicurist. Every time you go to the nail salon, experiment with colours and get to know your manicurist. Any nail technician should tell you that the best thing you can do is to let your nail beds dictate the shape of your nails. This allows a more balanced appearance.


 Whiten Your Teeth

Smile you’re getting married after all. You will want white, bright teeth for all of your engagement and wedding photos. Depending on your choice, many kinds of toothpaste have whitening ingredients. If you want faster results, make sure that you choose a special whitening one. Whitening strips are also a great option.

You can also visit the dentist office to get your teeth professionally whitened. Do not have your teeth whitened at any other place. Make sure that you choose a level of whitening which suits your mouth, don’t go overboard. Keep in mind, you will want to see everything in your wedding photos, anything that looks too artificial becomes too prominent in a picture.



Eat Healthier

Healthy diet means healthy mind. Try to stay clear of sugar, lots of sodium and processed foods. It can be tempting to hit the energy drinks hard when you are planning a wedding, however, all of the sugars can lead to belly fat and bloating.

Incorporate green vegetables, fruit and lots of water into your diet. These foods will make you feel more awake and are great options for fueling your body, boosting your energy and clearing up your skin.

Make sure that you have a balanced diet, that’s the most important thing.  Celebratory champagne is to be expected when you are engaged, however, alcohol can make your skin puffy and dry and it can also lead to all of those bad hangover cravings.

 Get Active

You don’t have to join a gym, do whatever makes you happy, whether that is going for a run, playing tennis with friends or even going walks with your dog. It is great to start an exercise routine early as working out will help tighten and firm your body.

If you do decide to join a gym you will have access to all of the equipment you need in one place.



 Lift Weights

Cardio, it can get boring sometimes. If you are sick of the treadmill make sure you are lifting weights, dumbbells will be your key to a more toned back, arms and shoulders – the perfect bride work out. If you are getting married quickly, consider a personal trainer. lf months of personal training just isn’t in the budget, consider splurging for a few weeks and have your trainer create some plans that you can do on your own.